Terms & Conditions

1. Terms of Prices Quoted:  The prices mentioned above are on FOB Kathmandu, Nepal basis. The prices are negotiable for orders above 200 pieces / style / size.                                        
2. Terms of Payment:  We accept the payments as Advance Payment (through Telex Transfer) or through Irrevocable Letter of Credit (Payable at Sight).

3. Quality Availability:  At present, we are producing many different qualities starting from Pure 100% Cashmere (Pashmina) yarn to Cashmere (Pashmina) mixed with Silk in different ratios to 100% Woollen yarn. As per the custom / special requirement and order from the customers we can do production in any mix of yarn and size of the products to give it the compact size, strength, shine, beauty and warmth, provided the minimum order quantity it acceptable.

4. Minimum Order Quantity:  The size wise minimum order quantity for placing order on us is - for Shawls and all sizes of Stoles minimum order should be for 25 pieces, for Mufflers and Scarves the minimum order should be of 50 pieces, and, for Baby Blanket, Throws and Blankets the minimum order should be of 25 pieces. Please also ensure that while placing the minimum orders as per above, we need an order for minimum of five pieces per colour.                                        
5. Delivery Period:  We have the capacity to do production of about 3,000 to 4,000 pieces of shawl size products in a month for Plain Solid Dyed style. For other styles, depending on the intricacity of the design the production time required will be longer. Lead period required for the first order is around 15-20 days to develop the first sample pieces and thereafter, we can regularise the supply every month on regular basis. Lead period could be less if the workload of orders is less in the factory.                                        
6. Packaging:  For all our products the packing is done in single plastic bags and then packed in a corrugated box, in a lot of 100 to 150 pieces in each box. 

7. Colours & Shades:  Regarding the colours, please note that, all our products are dyed using azo free and eco friendly dyes, and these dyes are produced by Clariant company from Switzerland. We can do any colour that you provide us with, otherwise once you are ready to place the orders we can send you our comprehensive colour chart for you to choose any colour from there. We also work with Pantone and Telephone (Neelam) Shade cards.                                        
8. Tolerance:  Since these are all basically hand made products using pot dyeing method, we expect you to please accept a tolerance lavel of +/- 5% in terms of size, colour, finishing, etc.                                        
9. Samples Availability:    As a company policy we do not provide samples free of cost, as you can very well understand that cashmere (pashmina) products are quite expensive and it will not be possible for us to send free samples to all. However, we can send you our colour chart alongwith the swatch samples of our various qualities, free of charge, on your request.                                        
10. Camples Aertifications (for Products and Country of Origin): We can also provide you various documents and certificates from the Handicraft Association of Nepal on the contents of the materials, Form "A" (under Generalised System of Preference - GSP) and a Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce regarding the country of origin of the goods.